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Helping users send abandoned basket emails and capture new data quickly.

Conversion Capture

Adestra is showcasing MessageFocus Conversion Capture at Internet World 2013 to help brands start using automated abandoned basket emails – as it’s proven to produce the best ROI from any automated email campaign process, yet under 20% use it. [Results from latest Adestra/Econsultancy Email Marketing Industry Census 2013 that surveyed 1,329 digital marketers].

Conversion Capture allows brands to maximise their online store conversions by “˜recapturing’ those who have abandoned their baskets and encourages them to complete their purchase.

Using Conversion Capture means marketers can identify when a visitor has dropped off a transaction process, and automatically target them with relevant and real-time email campaigns to remind them of the abandonment and encourage action. It works by capturing the information needed to re-engage a site visitor, such as: name, email address and the contents of their basket using cookie-less technology. Crucially, automating this process also helps marketers in retail and financial services to save time – spending less time on creative and using this simple re-marketing data frees them up for more strategic activity (see “˜time spent’, below).

Also available to see at their stand is the new MessageFocus form builder. This will come as a blessing to the majority of marketers who “˜hate’ the data part of the email marketing processes in email marketing according to the Adestra/Econsultancy Email Marketing Industry Census 2013 results.

Thankfully the new form builder makes managing the 16% more data currently owned by marketers automatic, as are the responder emails, triggered each time a form is submitted. Adestra’s new data capture functionality also negates the need for HTML experts thus saving email marketers valuable time and contributing to the ROI benefits of email as a channel.

New Sector Research
For those that have ever wondered which sectors use email more effectively than others or how their sector measure up – visitors to the stand (E2080) can download a free census report with the Top 10 key results by sector (all data was analysed from Adestra/Econsultancy Email Marketing Industry Census 2013).

Top findings:

Internet World Presentations
Reena Mistry, Adestra’s Marketing Director, is presenting in the Email Theatre on Tuesday 23rd April at 4pm. It’s entitled: Challenging the misconceptions about mobile email. Mobile email is here to stay – with the wealth of information available, what should you do first to optimise your email marketing programme?

With 43% of financial services companies (and 30% of retailers) having a “˜non-existent’ mobile optimisation strategy, it should be high on visitors’ agendas!

Additionally, two video presentations will take place each day on the Adestra stand – sharing key results from the Email Census, also hosted by Reena.

When: Tuesday 23rd – Thursday 25th April
Time: 11am/3pm
Where: At the Adestra stand (E2080)