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London, 11 January 2017 – Incisive Media, a world leader in business media, information and events, has chosen to once again renew its partnership with digital marketing solutions provider Adestra. Incisive Media has worked with Adestra for nearly a decade, having found the relationship to be extremely beneficial from both a customer service and technology perspective.

Through its Software AND a Service philosophy, Adestra works closely with Incisive Media to support its ongoing marketing needs.

The key to such a long-term partnership is not just a focus on rapid development, but broader innovation and integration influenced from across the digital marketing space. Robin Shute, Incisive Media’s Operations Director, explains:

“Incisive Media and Adestra have collaborated effectively for a number of years. Adestra’s continued innovation and speed of development, particularly regarding automation capabilities, have revolutionised our approach to marketing. And their willingness to integrate with best-of-breed third-party platforms allows us to keep growing engagement with our core audience groups.”

Adestra’s MessageFocus™ platform is used by hundreds of Incisive Media users worldwide, supported by the company’s outstanding dedication to customer service and customer success. The flexibility and structure of MessageFocus enable Incisive Media’s complex global operations to function flawlessly by complementing their processes, workflows and control requirements. How marketing automation has supported Incisive Media’s growth is evident from the direct link to a 31 percent growth in subscription revenue from their early days of publishing a B2B financial magazine, to becoming a global media company today, with more than 100 titles. This has not only made their marketing processes more efficient but, more importantly, has enabled Incisive Media to optimise its marketing strategy and engage with and grow its customer base by sending more targeted and personalised email communications at scale.

Henry Hyder-Smith, Adestra’s CEO, said:

“We’re incredibly delighted to have a long-standing relationship with a world-leading company like Incisive Media. As we continue to grow and expand into a global business ourselves, partnering with them to blend technology and service shows how obsession with our clients’ success suits global and growing brands alike.”