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We’re delighted to announce that one of the world’s leading business-to-business (B2B) information providers, Incisive Media, Incisive Media logohas selected Adestra again to consolidate, optimise and automate their email communications.

We have worked together for over six years and the recent signing of the three-year global contract strengthens the relationship for both parties.

Jon Bentley, Head of Digital Strategy and Development for Incisive Media, says:

“Having evaluated other ESPs, we keep coming back to Adestra as the fit with our business model is seamless.”

More than 100 Incisive Media users worldwide will implement marketing and editorial campaigns using Adestra’s MessageFocus, enabling greater automation of content generation, data integration and message deployment across Incisive Media’s broad portfolio of publications.

As email is one of the most significant channels for its users, Incisive Media is investing heavily in email marketing. Adestra’s support and MessageFocus platform provides the flexibility to complement a complex business, but also, given the speed at which technology is moving, enables Incisive to stay on top of developments.

Jon says:

“Incisive Media is highly customer-centric. We use technology as an enabler to enhance the services we provide. Working with Adestra allows us to deliver effective customer email communications today, but also develop our approach to new opportunities.”

The partnership has worked so well because Adestra’s platform fits Incisive’s complex global structure, its processes and the way staff use data. Now embedded in Incisive’s workflow, it allows better control and enables staff to get on with their jobs more effectively. With offices in the UK, Hong Kong and New York there are over 100 Incisive users accessing the MessageFocus platform, across its 30 websites, almost 24 hours a day.

The over-riding benefit of using a single platform is increased effectiveness and visibility of email across the business. Using a global dashboard, managers can compare activity not only across newsletters or campaigns, but entire business divisions. Other benefits include more effective tracking and much simpler training – saving users time and energy, and improving results.

Jon explains:

“International efficiencies are important, so identifying if things are going well or not so well, in virtually real-time, is critical. Adestra has helped us become more sophisticated in reporting and data at the backend by using a global dashboard.”

Steve Denner, Founding Director of Adestra, commented:

“We’re incredibly proud, that Incisive Media, AOP Digital Publisher of the year 2013, has chosen Adestra to continue to enhance their digital marketing efforts across the whole business. We have a long-standing relationship with Incisive Media which we are looking forward to growing and improving as their partner in email marketing.”

The right approach to customer service is also important for Incisive Media.

Jon adds:

“Adestra support is flexible and pro-active enough to take innovative cutting-edge ideas and develop them to see if they can work effectively, while providing responsive customer service to those users who just want campaigns out on time. It’s the perfect mix for our users, who all have different needs.”