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16th April, 2015

VitticaLogoDallas, TX – Adestra are pleased to announce that Vittica Marketing, a digital marketing agency focusing almost exclusively in the winery and vineyard industry, have chosen Adestra’s MessageFocus to power email marketing for their clients. Their reasons for selecting MessageFocus include the platform’s unique structure, which allows them to easily manage their multiple winery and vineyard clients. In addition, the agency was also very interested in the ability to individually report on the success of individual client campaigns.

“MessageFocus has already helped in building our business. And Adestra’s commitment to service and their automation features have helped us realise efficiencies and streamlined our email operations.” – Lloyd Benedict, President of Vittica Marketing.

“We’re excited to welcome an agency who is focused so much on their clients’ success, much like we are at Adestra. We look forward to a growing, long-term relation with Vittica, just like a fine wine, getting better with time.” – Henry Hyder-Smith, CEO of Adestra

Vittica plan to expand their digital marketing expertise in the wine industry through 2015, while helping wineries drive more on premise and club sales.

About Vittica

Vittica Marketing is a digital marketing agency, headquartered in Walla Walla, Washington, specializing in direct to consumer wine marketing. Their services include: email marketing, winery e-commerce, winery bottle photography, SEO and graphic design.