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Companies using automated email triggers, especially for abandoned baskets, are far more likely to consider their return on investment from email to be excellent than those who use no triggers at all. Only 13% use abandoned basket triggers, yet companies report this is the best form of automation to boost ROI, bar none.

Companies that use and integrate the available automation technology will enjoy immediate, measurable results. Those brands that use email to re-engage those who have fallen out of the sales funnel are significantly more likely to report higher levels of ROI. Contrastingly, those who have none of these automation techniques implemented are much more likely to rate email as being poor for generating ROI.

Worryingly, when asked which of the most common automated triggers brands are using, the top answer is “˜none of these’ (37%), see chart below. The welcome message is proven to be one of the most successful emails you can send, but only 31% are doing it. Abandoned basket triggers are used by only 13%, half the number that use web site triggers (28%). Sending abandoned basket campaigns is one of the simplest behavioural re-marketing techniques to use – and at a crucial time when people are fully engaged with your brand or product.

Henry Hyder-Smith, Managing Director, Adestra says: “Automated triggers appear to largely be an untapped area – one that is simple to implement and delivers significant return. This year will see email automation grow as brands seeking their next opportunity for improvement will jump on-board.”

“In today’s world of priority inbox placement, good quality welcome programmes and messages are especially important. That moment when customers subscribe, and trust you with their email address, is the time when they are most engaged with your communications and most likely to open your messages. That’s why it’s surprising that only 31% of company respondents are sending a welcome programme.”

Linus Gregoriadis, Research Director, Econsultancy adds: “Research for the Email Census 2012 shows that use of email triggers across the board is still low, even though many of them represent a ‘quick win’ because they are relatively straightforward to implement. The research shows a strong correlation between strong ROI from email and use of email triggers, which adds weight to our belief that many of these automated campaigns fall into the ‘no-brainer’ category.”

Question: Do you send out emails based on the following triggers?


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*The Census was conducted January-February 2012 with 846 respondents.

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