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Adestra’s MessageFocus enterprise email marketing platform now integrates with Salesforce – this means fast email data automation from a user’s Salesforce CRM database to MessageFocus.

The MessageFocus/Salesforce integration application allows MessageFocus users to target and send email marketing campaigns, quickly and easily, using important CRM data from Salesforce. This integration allows users to take Campaign Members from within their Salesforce account and transfer to MessageFocus in real-time, with just the click of a button, without the worry of manual data transfers.

This functionality means increased data security and data accuracy for better campaign performance, removing the need for manual data uploads.

The process is very simple to follow and intuitive for users. Data selections can be made in Salesforce and then added to a Salesforce campaign. Then with just a couple of clicks, the users decide where the list should go in the corresponding MessageFocus account. Want to automatically create a campaign and append the data at the same time? No problem, users can then be transported directly to the new MessageFocus campaign that they just created.

Steve Denner, Director at Adestra, comments: “We’re delighted to be integrated with Salesforce. It gives their users access, through an easy to use interface, to our powerful enterprise email platform, MessageFocus. Using automated, real-time data transfers improves data security and accuracy – and saves time.”

Key Benefits

This integration is possible through Adestra’s flexible API that can integrate with many existing systems. By linking systems and automating email activities, businesses can enjoy many commercial benefits that directly affect response rates.

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