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80% of email marketers aren’t utilising the benefits of abandoned basket email programmes, finds the Econsultancy and Adestra Email Marketing Industry Census 2013. Why when retargeting emails scored highest for the amount of ROI they provided organisations? 

Introducing Conversion Capture
Adestra’s Abandoned Basket technology

Adestra’s Conversion Capture addresses this issue for email marketers without them investing inordinate amounts of resource to do it. Encouraging basket abandoners to complete their online purchases can be challenging. Sometimes shoppers need a nudge. Conversion Capture does just that. Smart reminder emails generate and launch automatically.

And the best bit? Recipients will receive visual reminders of their abandoned basket items. Conversion Capture automatically adds product shots from an abandoned basket straight into capture emails making them more personalised and engaging.

Plus the reporting isn’t all numbers. Users will benefit from the convenience of capture email reporting and will get an all-round graphical view of conversion results.

Aside from the powerful technology underpinning Conversion Capture, users receive expert customer service too. Adestra’s team of Project Managers guide each client through the initial set-up phases to ensure Conversion Capture works seamlessly with their website.

What about some proof?
Adestra client: The Diamond Store

Previously, their marketing team made telephone calls to basket abandoners to follow up on their lapsed purchases. This proved resource heavy and detrimental to their ROMI. Conversion Capture has changed all that for the organisation. Now they rely on the seamless link between their online store and Adestra’s MessageFocus. With it they automatically generate personalised reminder emails every time a shopper abandons a basket. No phone calls.

Providing a seamless shopping experience for their customers was central to The Diamond Store’s mission. Conversion Capture allowed the brand to enhance their customer’s shopping experience and perfect the overall buying process.

Read the full case study: 

Discover Conversion Capture

Conversion Capture can help users win back valuable lost business. Quickly. Easily. Effectively. It can turn lost transactions into revenue. And it can boost online sales by up to 20% with retargeting*. See for yourself why Conversion Capture is the answer to boosting online sales by visiting
*Source: Econsultancy