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Oxford, UK & Dallas, TX – 16 June, 2015 – Adestra, the customer-obsessed provider of leading email driven marketing solutions, today announced their newest feature, the Marketing Automation Program Builder, is now in general availability. Included in the MessageFocus SaaS platform, this powerful new feature allows marketers to quickly and easily create sophisticated, personalized, multi-campaign marketing programs in a clear, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface.  The Automation Program Builder enables real-time reaction to customer behavior and increased personalization, improving customer dialogue and true 1:1 marketing, and empowering marketers to drive better customer relationships and incremental revenue streams across their business.

The tool is fully integrated with Adestra’s MessageFocus email marketing technology enabling Adestra clients to benefit from the robust feature set Adestra already offers – including data management, ease of campaign creation, testing, reporting, integrations, and a focus on real-time program visibility and actionable insight.

The Automation Program Builder itself features a zoomable, drag-and-drop interface, and thumbnail representations of campaign content, so marketers can easily see at-a-glance the journey their customers are taking through any given program.

It also leverages the powerful integration and filtering technology already available in MessageFocus, with the ability to add and progress subscribers through programs based on contact and transactional data from MessageFocus and other marketing or commerce systems, as well as tailoring the customer journey via email response data, enabling real-time behavioral personalisation of content

The powerful real-time live-counter gives marketers a clear picture within the program workflow of exactly how many subscribers are at a given stage at any time, and allows them to take additional actions with those program members, directly from within the interface, providing the ability to adjust their marketing on the fly, to achieve the best possible ROI.

“This is a very exciting release for us” said Adestra CEO, Henry Hyder-Smith, “and is the result of a dedicated process of customer collaboration and marketplace analysis, to ensure we’re delivering technology that’s bringing value to our customers, and solving their challenges of delivering just the right message, at just the right time, through their email channel.”

“We have plans to put together an EIP (Extremely Important Person) program,” said Adestra client, Mandy Berry at Harrod Horticultural, “which will involve a journey of highly personalised, triggered emails to our very best customers. Being able to build it quickly and efficiently, and measuring the results in real-time through the MessageFocus Automation Program Builder are going to be key in making this project a success.”

Early beta feedback has already been very positive:

“The automation tool makes for a much slicker process for building new lifecycles with an easy to edit interface and simple way to check existing rules and filters.” said Jack Dennison, Email Producer at Evans Cycles.

Mick Cockin, Senior Marketing Executive at UBM EMEA mentioned “The campaign construction was straight forward to build, and the filters saved me time in creating the lists myself from previous campaign results. The ability to send and execute a more complicated campaign on a click is really beneficial when we have many campaigns demanding our attention.”

This new automation functionality is available, from today, for all Adestra clients, who can have it activated by contacting their account manager. Further demo and product information is available via Adestra’s website: