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Email service provider Adestra announces a new fast-growing partner agency, World of Web (WOW). It joins Adestra’s growing global base of digital agency partners.

Bedfordshire-based WOW is a full service agency, specialising in web design and is part of the digital, creative and print collective Barley House Group. Working across a mix of industries in the private and public sector, WOW has built a large school client base as well as working with corporates, NHS and councils.

WOW chose to partner with Adestra for a number of commercial reasons, not least product quality, customer service and functionality. WOW Managing Director Jamie Arnold worked with Adestra in a previous company and had no hesitation in providing his clients with this leading email provider:

“With email marketing you get what you pay for, and Adestra provides WOW with a market-leading solution which gives us greater confidence in client pitches. We know the potential of the platform will provide a lot more in return,” he says.

“Beyond the technology, instrumental to our partnership with Adestra is the account management – we know we can call on their team for any questions, as well as tactical and strategic advice.”

We’re thrilled to have World of Web as a partner. Like them, we believe in the strength of visual branding that is beautiful, yet robust and practical. We place great weight on allowing designers the freedom to create beautiful emails, yet make it simple enough for non-technical users to edit templates,comments Henry Hyder-Smith, CEO of Adestra.

WOW finds Adestra’s platform removes the database limitations of other systems and produces greater email deliverability. As a web developer, WOW finds the ability to test emails on different clients essential.

“Without Adestra we wouldn’t be building the quality emails that we do – we know more people are reading them as it renders them on email clients all the way back to Lotus Notes 6 and carefully tracks response rates,” he adds.

A key benefit for WOW is to give clients the freedom to visually edit content. Where other platforms force users into templates with restricted editing – unless users can program in HTML – Adestra means school clients can easily edit the text of their weekly newsletters while keeping the same structure. They also find campaign management is a lot easier to set up with powerful reporting and exporting functions.

As with any growing agency, scalability is an important factor for WOW, but so is the ability to link to their custom CMS, so they can offer their clients a unique solution. Adestra fulfilled both of these requirements effortlessly.

You can find more information about Adestra’s Partners here.