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With GDPR now in practice in the EU, it’s imperative that all marketers are ready for the changes that will come into effect.

We’d encourage marketers to consider the GDPR as an opportunity for transformation rather than a restriction; the protection of our users’ and their clients’ personal information has always been our first priority, and this increased emphasis on subscriber consent is something to be valued.

Here at Adestra, we have always maintained that the receipt of an individual’s data is a privilege, and that this information should be used accordingly to better personalize and maximize your interactions with that individual. By giving your clients greater control over how their data is used and maintained, you are gaining the opportunity to build trust, gain value, and increase the quality of the client date you hold.

If you’re unsure on how to implement this in practice, our in-house experts have provided a wealth of insight and advice* for you to benefit from. Keep checking in on this page for more resourced around the GDPR, data protection, and your options when repermissioning your clients.

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GDPR and email marketing: An opportunity for transformation?

Our resident GDPR expert Antony Humphreys explores how the regulation is an opportunity for marketers; not something to fear.

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"GDPR is primarily concerned with the protection of the privacy of individuals in relation to the processing of their personal data; making sure that organisations are transparent and honest when collecting and processing personal data and respect that the individual owns and continues to control such use. "

Antony Humphreys F IDM

Key Account Manager at Adestra

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When asked whether Brexit will have an impact on their approach to GDPR, the general consensus from marketers was “no”. Some confusion remains, however. See our findings regarding GDPR’s business impact in our new Email Marketing Key Sector Report (see Fig. 9 for featured graph).

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For further information, feel free to access these resources from two of our clients; the ICO and the DMA.

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