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What good is data if you cannot use it?  In a recent conversation with John Caldwell, CEO of, says that marketers use only about 20% of their ESPs’ functionality on average.  Why? “ESPs don’t always make it easy for marketers to navigate their systems to access and use their data,” he says.

This is why Adestra makes it easy for your teams to create marketing strategies and campaigns based on actionable insights, with the range of reporting features, to demonstrate return on marketing investment, and to share key results with stakeholders throughout your organization. Our powerful, user-friendly data visualizations and interactive reporting are useful for the CMO and line-of-business owners, all the way through to individual end-users.


Besides tracking your opens, clicks, sales and shares quickly, you can identify individual contacts and then add these contacts to lists that you can email to based on their responses.  You can also easily drill down to a geographic area and create a segment for a hyper-targeted campaign.

Contact us today, and let us show you how our reporting gets you the data you need so you can put it to good use in profitable campaigns.

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