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Use contact and transactional data to ensure targeted marketing automation, resulting in greater engagement and higher conversions.


Use our suite of filter options to segment your data, allowing you to perform email segmentation to an advanced level.

Filter Editor Adestra
Promotion codes

Assign unique coupon codes to contacts in a variety of different setups. Perfect for re-engagement, cart abandonment, and more.

What our users say

"The Adestra platform itself is super intuitive and easy to use. I love the automation options that allow us to set up smart, targeted campaigns to reach people at the most optimal times. And I'm excited to try out their new automated workflow campaign solution."

Emily Agnew

Marketing Manager at Extra Energy

Build a lasting relationship

Get to know your recipients by using our email personalization tools. You can individualize your emails using your contact data, so that your emails instantly become personal rather than a generic “hello”. Adestra makes adding personalization easy and allows you to use a proven method to help increase your revenue and engagement. Individualized campaigns made simple enable you to engage, re-engage, and continue a dialogue with your subscribers beyond the point of sale.

Maximize ROI

Targeting the right people at the right time, via demographic and behavioral data.

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Behavioral targeting

Use our automation tools to track, identify, and target your clients at the right stage in their buying journey.

Actionable insights

Generate targeted selections directly from your reports, gradually building on your customer profile.

Email Segmentation and Personalization

Get on first name terms with your recipients thanks to our targeted email marketing services.