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Increase sales with the right email marketing automation

Lifecycle stages

Set up triggered messages to engage your customers at a number of key points in their journey:

Welcome – engage your subscribers as soon as they sign up, and show them what you have to offer
Birthdays – congratulate your subscribers with special offers or gifts
Re-engagement – segment the subscribers who don’t open your emails, and re-engage them with a targeted offer

Email Marketing for Ecommerce and Retail

Calendar Club UK leveraged their customer lifecycle data by targeting customers who had purchased something in September. In December, they sent their planner and calendar-loving subscribers an email suggesting calendars for the New Year, and achieved more than 1,000 sales.

Purchase cycle stages


Basket abandonment

Don’t miss out on sales – win back lost business quickly, easily and effectively with basket abandonment emails. Whenever a customer doesn’t complete a purchase, send them a personalized reminder. Every email sent can generate an extra $5 in revenue.

Find out more about Conversion Capture, Adestra’s abandoned basket technology.

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Download the 2014 Email Marketing Industry Census

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“68% of companies rated email as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ for ROI… companies are attributing 23% of their total sales to the email marketing channel.”

Find out all the latest insights.

2014 Email Marketing Census Report

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The seamless link between MessageFocus and Magento creates the ultimate in automated basket abandonment remarketing.

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Personalise emails with recommended products quickly and simply by integrating Peerius and MessageFocus.

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Adestra’s automatic tagging of predefined Google Analytics keys allows marketers to truly understand a campaigns ROI.

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