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Data-driven campaigns focusing on the individual offer the most exciting marketing opportunity in 2017.

By now, your holiday marketing programs are in full swing and hopefully you are enjoying a significant seasonal boost in revenue. Chances are you’re in the process of adding the finishing touches to next year’s strategy. But before you close the book on 2016, it may be worth pulling together an analysis of this year’s holiday successes to help you increase your results next year.

Data and how it’s being used by big business and government organizations is something of a hot potato. But Econsultancy’s Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2016 Digital Trends shows that data-driven marketing that focuses on the individual is currently the most exciting marketing opportunity and that looks set to continue for the next five years.*

Data analysis is a first step in helping us understand our customers and what they want from us. These are some data points you should pay particular attention to in order to use segmentation more efficiently next year:

How can you use data to become a First-Person marketer?

Pulling the data together is just one part of the equation. The next stage is finding practical ways to apply it in your email marketing campaigns so you can start sending tailored communications to each customer. Here are some ideas:

Current technology makes it easier than ever before to test, track and analyze data that will help you become a First-Person Marketer. So you too can build amazing campaigns that will delight your audiences and generate more revenue.

The data is out there. Why not use it?