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There are only so many hours in a marketer’s day, so discover how to produce a content rich newsletter in just 60 minutes.

You already have 1,000…


… things to do during a typical week.

… reviewing social media metrics, analyzing Google Analytics, meeting with clients, setting up trigger emails, developing keyword lists, monitoring competitors, commissioning white papers, meeting with your team, troubleshooting a marketing campaign, running reports to track ROI, meeting with your CIO, your CEO…

(Did we mention meetings?)

So how are you supposed to find the time to create an email newsletter that engages prospects? And more importantly, how will you craft a compelling newsletter quickly and efficiently?

Well, here’s our advice. First, the good news — creating a newsletter needn’t take long — it can be…

Gone in 60 minutes.

Secondly, there’s even better news — an email newsletter’s greatest strength is your greatest ally.

It wants to be short, not long. So…

Keep it punchy.

As of 2013, our attention spans are now worse than that of a goldfish.

Eight seconds versus nine seconds.

We humans don’t like waffle — we loath clutter. We just want the offer, the basics and mainly — the facts.

We either click — or move on.

Keep it simple.

Decide on the running order of your newsletter. Create a simple template or to make life easier, deploy an existing one. Decide what topics you want to include:

Is it news?

Is it an offer?

Or a combination of all the above laid out in a simple but attractive format?

Whatever you decide, you don’t need a mountain of copy to explain your headers or your stories.

Just a snappy headline, a paragraph — or even a single line — of great copy for each entry in the newsletter to snare the prospects’ interest. Plus a relevant link.

Keep it local.

Gather existing content from your company’s blog, social feeds and more from the past month. Ask yourself:

Which content has had the most hits?

Perhaps it’s a great blog?

Or an image on Instagram?

Whatever it is, it’s also a quick, eye-grabbing solution for creating newsletter content.

Keep rich content.

Did you come across a great LinkedIn blog last week?

Watch a webinar that your prospects would benefit from?

Or read an infographic that looked beautiful and imparted invaluable information?

12% increase…

… in traffic is enjoyed by those who deploy infographics.

Then that’s another quick-win — promote it in your newsletter with a single line of copy, a screen grab and a link.

Keep it social.

Let your customers help you in your newsletter creation.

Whisk through your social channels and see what your customers have been posting. Create a round-up of their best, most insightful quotes, their link recommendations or images they’ve shared.

It’s also a great way of making clients feel as if they are directly involved with your brand.

Double quick-win.

Keep it moving.


of internet traffic is video content.

Embed videos directly into your email newsletter.

(And no, you don’t need to commission David Fincher to shoot your videos for you.)

Instead, you can showcase a great video that you found on YouTube, which reflects a theme in the newsletter or a trending event that your prospects will find relevant.

Or it could just be funny — just try and stay away from cat videos though. It’s too ‘been there, done that’.

Whatever the content, a video can be embedded in your newsletter in a matter of seconds.

Keep it dynamic.

Many software solutions now let you localize and personalize content in your newsletter, all in an instant.


… RSS feeds, live weather updates, stock levels, currency rates…

It’s added value content that can be deployed with next-to-no work required once set up.

Keep it looped.

Between this newsletter and the next, keep your eyes peeled for relevant content.

See something you like online?

A blog? A Slideshare? A Videoscribe?

Then save the link for later – and get the rest of your team to do the same.

So when the time for the next newsletter rolls around, you’ll already have a wealth of resources to cherry pick content from.

And you can expect your newsletter creation time to speed up even further.

Which will free up even more time for meetings.

Life is good.


Get more inside tips on how to snare your prospects’ attention with our free eGuide: ‘9 tried and tested tricks to reduce email unsubscribes’.