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Finance is not often the center of attention when it comes to interviews, but at Adestra every department deserves the spotlight! This month our attention shines on our Finance team, represented by Aaron Hudson.

AN: What inspired you to work with numbers?

AH: It was purely accidental. After school, I needed a job and I happened to land a temporary position in a finance department. And it just went from there really. It’s not one of those jobs that children grow up wishing to be (laughs).

AN: What was the story of your interview with Adestra?

AH: Well, the feel of the office was very different and very appealing from the moment I came in. Lisa, the HR manager, greeted me at the door and she was a lot more welcoming than many places I had been to before. During the interview, the feeling that it was a nice place to work stayed with me, reinforced by the strong work ethic.

To be fair with you, I wasn’t really expecting to get the job because there were a lot of strong candidates. But I thought to myself ‘I’d really like to come back and work here’. My last job was quite uptight and strict, so it was very refreshing to come to Adestra. Everyone seems to genuinely enjoy their job, and I think that transpires in the work we do for our clients.

AN: What surprised you about the email marketing and technology industries?

AH: When something just arrives in our inboxes, I think we don’t really gage the amount of effort that has gone into that. It’s just an email.

But there is a complex process of creating an email, getting it out the door and then looking at the stats and trying to understand how to make it better. It astonishes me really!

And also, I think there’s a bit of a misconception about what differentiates good email marketing from intrusive, spammy email.

AN: Okay, so now that you understand more about it, is there a favourite bit of technology that you have?

AH: The Heatmap is shiny and so useful, I love that! On a higher level, the thing what impresses me the most is the level of depth that you can refine your targeting to. So instead of sending the same thing to your whole list, you can define it based on how they interact with your emails, where they are or what they do on your website.  I find that really impressive.

And I can’t look at emails the same now really! (laughs) I get an email and I try to follow the process back – why is this placed there, why is it this particular content, what did I do to trigger this email, and so on.

AN: Would you say the way our technology works is influenced in any way by the financial aspect of being private and self-funded?

AH: Hmm, yes, I think so. In particular, I think it’s reflected in our ability to react to the industry changes and to the requirements of our clients, particularly on the development side of the platform. So if a client needs something done and it’s viable, we can do it. And I think that sets us apart.

Also, I think it impacts the way the business is run. I don’t think it would be the amazing company that it is if it was publicly owned. Because the owners actually come here and work here, so they can see first-hand everyone’s effort into making the business successful.

AN: Could you give me an example of something that made you feel proud about working at Adestra?

AH: I was really happy when we started a charitable initiative. As you know, we are supporting Anthony Nolan and OSARRC this year.

About Aaron

Aaron Hudson is an Accountant at Adestra and he’s been here for 3 years. He is an excited  member of the team behind Adestra Gives, focused on raising money for local and national causes.