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Throughout the year, you probably send diverse types of emails at a varied frequency which is particular to your brand.

When it comes to the holiday season, however, almost every business has a strategy in place for the main festivities, such as Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas or New Year’s.

If trying to stand out of your subscribers’ crowded inboxes is a struggle at the best of times, then what are you going to do with even more competition at these specific dates? To help you out this Halloween, I have put together some examples to inspire you:

New Look: Creep it real

I think this is an amazing example. It has an original subject line that instantly grabs my attention whilst also being informative. I’m not sure if this was deliberate, but the look and feel of the ‘Creep it real’ GIF reminds me of the TV program Stranger Things (excellent timing if so, as the 2nd season will be released just 4 days before Halloween). If you’re not familiar with the sci-fi series, just trust me when I say that it’s perfect for Halloween. New Look’s choice of aesthetic is spot on.

Julep: These makeup sets are scary-good

Interesting, attractive subject line, and the GIF image makes it more fun. With just a few words, it’s well-explained. Even though this example feels more sales-y than the previous one, I think it’s a great idea to market a Halloween makeup set that’s cheaper than their usual offerings. Rather than implying that the product is of a lower quality, the phrase ‘No tricks. Just treats’, apart from being another Halloween reminder, makes you feel that Julep are simply trying to treat their clients.

Paperless Post: Full moon rising

Even though this example is not too scary, I think it’s well-thought through. If you’re familiar with this brand, you’ll understand why they haven’t added scary elements: Paperless emails are usually delicate and elegant. As you can observe, this Halloween email also radiates elegance, being true to the brand.


1. Use your data and insights.

What is your data telling you? What information do you have about your subscribers? Are they Stranger Things fans? Do they want exclusive offers? How did they react to your last Halloween campaign?

2. Be original on your subject lines.

Really think about your subject line. Take your time and come up with creative text. You’ve worked really hard to build your email, so if you want people to open it then make sure you grab their attention.

3. Add scary moving elements.

I know that the moving examples above grabbed your attention more successfully than the static one. I’m pretty sure you’d like your emails do the same to your subscribers. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a GIF is worth a thousand more.

4. Be consistent with your brand.

Just like Paperless Post, if you always send delicate emails with pastel colors, don’t send New Look’s email on Halloween. It can make your subscribers think that there are different people creating your emails, that your branding is not consistent, or maybe that your brand identity is changing.