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How many times have you stopped before pressing the launch button for your campaign and hoped for the best? However, sometimes no matter how hard you work or how focused you are, mistakes happen. Yes, your worst nightmare coming true, but don’t worry: you’re not alone. So, whether it’s already happened to you or you need preparing in case it does, I’ve put together some examples and advice just for you.

Not On The High Street

This apology email from Not On the High Street is just adorable. If you are familiar with this online retailer, you’ll know that they have a kind of cuddlesome feeling attached to them (or maybe that’s just me). I really like the fact that they haven’t just started sending emails to those contacts that signed up and never received any emails; but instead they’ve sent this apology email that works both as a request for forgiveness and as a reminder to those forgotten contacts.



I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve tried to shop online and there’s been a technical issue that has prevent me from making a purchase. And what’s worse is when the acted as though nothing had happened. I’d really have appreciated it if those brands had done something like Forever21 has done here. This teenage fashion brand explained the issue to all their subscribers, offering them an apology along with a discount. They even took advantage of the technical problem and used it as their promo code.  The language, copy, colors, and ‘Talk To You Later’ abbreviation are all just perfectly on brand and targeted to their audience.



Please take a moment to look at the copy here. It may seem a normal email, but just have a read and laugh out loud. An embarrassing mistake, isn’t it? But they did it so well in their apology email that they are forgiven. I really like the fun tone they’ve gone for, the images selected and the copy. Spot on!


Wrapping up…

  • Be honest
    Yes, you’ve made a mistake and sent an email with one (or more) error(s) in it to a considerable amount of people. Run for your life! No, not at all. Mistakes happens and we’ve all experienced it (at work, at home, with friends, on social media…). You’ve been there before and you’re still alive! So, don’t go and hide under your bed or act as if nothing’s happened. Send an open and honest email to your list and apologize to them.


  • Give something in return.
    Why? Well, you’ve bothered your contact not just once but twice. You’ve sent an email by mistake or with an error in it and then you’re sending another one to amend your blunder. So, if you really want to make amends, offer them a discount, a free delivery or a gift with their next purchase.


  • Be funny
    How can anyone still be mad at someone that has made you laugh? That’s not possible. If you really want to apologize to your contacts and keep them engaged, what’s better than making them have a good time reading your email? Who knows? Your mistake may end up having a positive outcome.