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The evidence is there for us all to see; the use of mobiles to check emails has grown massively and is only going to increase. So, having a mobile strategy is not just a nice to have, it’s a must have. On Wednesday we held a webinar on this topic led by Account Manager Catherine Holt.

Below are the key points she felt we should take away:

The key point to building this strategy is to understand your audience. Use the reporting available to you via your ESP to find out just how many mobile opens you have and which devices you should be focusing on. Armed with this information you can decided whether you need to make some simple tweaks, change your content to make it touch screen friendly, or look in to a full redesign. If you find you do have a high percentage of mobile opens you really should be reading up on media queries. This code allows your template to restructure depending on the device it is viewed in, so happy days for all your recipients. So, whether you have 5% or 50% opens you need a plan for mobile and my advice would be to get started on it pretty soon.