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Thank you to those who joined us for our May webinar on Wednesday. This time we heard from Marta Goral, an Account Manager here at Adestra, who discussed the importance of testing email campaigns as well as the various tactics that can be adopted to do this.

The main points to take away from the webinar are:

  1. Those who test, report a higher ROI from their email marketing than those who don’t
  2. Having clear testing objectives for email campaigns makes it easier to implement a testing strategy
  3. There are different tactics which can be utilised in order to test email campaigns:

4. The best time to test is when a large sample of data is available (minimum 1000) and/or when performance rates for campaigns drop

It’s important not grow complacent with your email marketing efforts and to review your strategy. Implementing a clear set of testing objectives will allow you to identify the most suitable testing tactics to adopt for your email marketing and enable you to tailor your campaigns to the target audience, ultimately improving your results.

If you would like to download the recorded version, click here.

If you would like anymore information on Adestra or testing methodologies for email marketing email us today.