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Yesterday our Marketing Director, Reena Mistry, led our October webinar. It focused on the many demands marketers are now faced with and how marketers can make their lives easier and results better. It was well received with a long Q&A at the end coming from the very engaged audience. Below are Reena’s main takeaways:

The job of a marketer now encompasses 4 times what it did 10 years ago. No longer is the marketing department just a team that produces brochures and schmoozes with the PR agency (generalisation). These days marketers are expected to know every thing about every aspect of the business. We need to be customer experience managers, lead nurturers, social media experts, web design gurus, client entertainers and juggle everything at the same time, while spending less and achieving more.

It’s a great time to be marketer with all of the new technologies and the visible and clearly measurable impact we can have on a the company’s bottom line. But we all need a bit of help to manage our ever increasing workloads.

In this presentation, I went through some really simple time-saving tips using technologies for email marketing, that once set up, can save time and ultimately, increase your ROI.

These were:

1) Default as much as you can – when you are creating your email campaign, how much time would be saved if you just had to add the subject line and the creative. By presetting options such as your from address, reply address, unsub lists you can save time instantly, and remove room for error.

2) Do you find yourselves spending time adding the unsub information to each email, or if you already have this as part of your template, do you find your self needing to change this each time? Now in MessageFocus this is called a boilerplate which is basically a footer and is added to the bottom of your emails. This can be pre-defined at an adminstrator level, meaning the average user won’t have to worry about it at all. It just appears at the bottom of their emails everytime, keeping you protected against missing unsub links or company info, but also SAVING TIME.

3) Now, I know we’ve talked about content automation in webinars in the past, but it’s important to emphasise how much time it can save an email marketer. It’s about taking the “Copy and paste” out of your day, giving you the time to concentrate on other important tasks. Find out more here >

4) You’ve spent 4 hours creating a carefully crafted email campaign, with copy that is targeted to your data and your audience, so maximise the opportunity. There has been much talk in the industry over the last few months about resending an email campaign to non-openers. The key thing to remember though, is that if a recipient did read your email without turning images on and did not open it’s likely that they just weren’t interested in your message, and won’t open the second time around. To try and engage those who were just too busy the first time, can be an attractive idea to marketers. We spend a lot of time creating our finely tuned email campaigns. Why not try and generate that little bit more ROI from all of that effort? Find out more here >

To download the webcast click here.