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The results are in for over 9m emails across 6 industry sectors. In this webinar, Account Director Parry Malm provides an in-depth review of our latest subject line report and covers best practice advice for subject line lengths, word limits and popular phrases that can yield high engagement rates from your emails. Parry will aim to answer the questions we all wonder about. If you learn half as much as we did from this research then it will be time well spent!

What you will learn:

1. When are short subject lines effective?
2. What about long ones – when will they drive value?
3. What subject line keywords are the most effective in your industry?
4. Which ones are over-used or under-performing (and holding you back)

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Below are the key points Parry feels we should take away:

Subject lines are your movie trailer. First and foremost your subject lines should clearly describe the offering in your email and the benefit to the reader. Does length matter?  The report suggests it does and longer subject lines surprised by demonstrating higher click to open rates compared to shorter ones. Furthermore, long sentences should be used for promoting multiple benefits in order to entice the recipient to open your email. Word count analysis showed that short and long subject lines worked best but somewhere in the middle of that trend, the engagement rates were diminished.

Choosing the right words to include in your subject lines is equally important. The research showed that phrases such as “Free” and “Sale” were popular for the ecommerce industry. The publishing industry however benefitted from subject lines which promoted exclusive content in an email such as video or top stories. Testing is important factor in determining the best subject line formula for your email campaigns. MessageFocus offers a full split testing functionality to allow you to find out what works best for your industry and raise engagement rates for your email campaigns.

If you would like to read more from Parry, his latest blog on the subject is available here: Lies, Damn Lies & Subject Lines

If you would like access to the report this research is based on you can download it by clicking here, click here.