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We all get them. Voucher emails flood my inbox on a daily basis, competing against each other with tantalising subject lines and carefully-selected percentage savings designed to be as eye-catching as possible.  We all LOVE to dine out: it’s sociable, enjoyable, relaxing, but can also become very expensive! Restaurant brands know that and those that have experienced the great ROI (return on investment) that email can bring, use the channel to reward their loyal customers. Because, when it comes to customers choosing a restaurant to dine out, a unique discount code could sway the choice in your favour.

How do you engage your customers and persuade them to convert? Let’s look at some examples and why vouchers work.

A new month… a new voucher

Pizza Express sent this email as soon as the clock struck 12 on the 1st of February. Coincidentally, this was also a Monday morning. This is when your customers are waking up for another week of work after an enjoyable weekend, so it makes it a perfect time to start making some plans for the next one.

Pizza Express

Make their mouth water

With the eye-catching deal above it’s hard to resist breaking up the week with a tasty treat! Including imagery of the delights on offer instantly draws in subscribers and tempts them to click through.

Zizzi have used the tempting imagery to catch their subscribers’ attention and, with a substantial 30% off all main courses, it’s hard to resist! As you can see, both emails are using different colours and fonts, helping them stand out through brand personality.

Zizzi email

What can YOU do to make the most of voucher emails?

Unique voucher codes can be associated to each of your subscribers so you know exactly who took advantage of the offer and who didn’t. This can allow you to test copy and images and see which one persuades your subscribers to indulge.

Of course you want to show just how good the deal is, but don’t repeat yourself. Including the price too many times could be seen as spammy and therefore end up in your readers’ junk… meaning no £9.99 meal for them!

These words are eye-catching, but using too many of them in a single campaign can mean your emails might be filtered out into spam and junk boxes.

When your subscribers are in the office counting the minutes until they can eat their pre-prepared salad and they see a tantalising Italian meal pop up in their inbox, it‘s mouth-watering and inviting so they might make some plans and indulge.

You’ve done the hard part. You have piqued your subscribers’ interest, so don’t put them off with a long-winded form to fill in to retrieve the offer. Make it easy for them to download or access the voucher and they will be more inclined to continue through the process and use it.

If you have your customers’ data… use it for personalisation! Make them feel like the excellent deal is tailored to them and that they should quickly take advantage! Even simply using first names in the subject line will make your email stand out in their inbox, but don’t stop there.