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Use your sign up forms

Regardless of where you gather opted in data from, be it an online sign up form or an event; make sure you are not missing out on valuable opportunities. Take some time to check the data you request.

For example do you ask people when their birthdays are? It might not seem that important at the time, compared to getting an address or number, but there is a great chance for an important automated email right there.

Take this email from Cafe Rouge:

This is a nicely crafted and well branded email (that’s just the preview pane) and an offer of a free bottle of champagne on my next visit.

But how about adding a little personalisation to the body of the email and maybe an animated gif to give it an extra something?

What really won me over about this though was that it was a week before my birthday, giving me time to plan, and the offer lasts for 6 weeks. So, if I already had plans I didn’t miss out. Over all a nicely thought out, sweet email campaign.

Let your data do the work

The point here is that these are really simple emails to set up, as long as you collect the right data.

Once set up it will just tick along using filters and our recurring campaign module, until you want to refresh it. All the time bringing in some ROI and making your recipients feel loved. Your Account Manager can help you with the details of this.

You could even take the concept one step further by letting people register friends and families birthdays, and then receiving offers encouraging them to take them out for a meal on their birthdays. This would just require a link to a form.

The same logic can be applied to other data too. If you collect any important dates you can automate campaigns around them, maybe an anniversary or renewal. It would also work for targeting people around purchase cycles or upgrade times.

There are so many simple ways of making your additional data work by setting up easy triggered campaigns to people that can result in ROI and increased engagement. Have a look at the data you collect, is there anything you could be doing?