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It can be challenging to find the right balance when creating marketing email marketings. Too much promotion will turn readers off, but not enough promotion leaves them unaware of what you have to offer. Shift your thinking about email marketing to help you decide how to approach it.

Piggy bankAlthough email marketing’s purpose is to attract new customers to your business, thinking of it as simply a marketing tool doesn’t work. Instead, think of email – and in fact all your marketing tools – as ways to build trust and rapport with your customers.

It can be helpful to think of your relationship with your customers as a “Trust Bank.” When you put money into a real bank, your balance grows. Similarly, when you put useful information into the Trust Bank,  your customers’ trust in you grows. Here’s some tips to help keep your trust balance growing, so you can engage subscribers and ultimately make more sales.

Balance Your Interactions

One simple way to increase your readers’ trust in you is to balance your interactions. Make a habit of giving something to your readers every time you promote something. For example, if you “withdraw” a link to your web site, “deposit” some information about a common problem.

In other words, never write anything that is purely self-promotional. Make sure you are providing as much information as you are links, coupons and special offers. That way, you will never err on the side of too much promotion.

Vary Your Deposits

You don’t have to just give your readers the same thing all the time. For example, don’t feel you have to write a new email every time you want to share a link. Instead, you can provide your customers with valuable content in a variety of ways:

Use your creativity to come up with other ways to give back to customers so they don’t feel like you’re just there to promote yourself.

Integrate Promotion With Information

You don’t have to make your promotional and informational transactions completely separate. For example, don’t write one email or Facebook post just to share a link and another to provide useful content. Instead, mix it up. Consider embedding links to content of interest within your posts, or append an author bio with a link at the end of the email.