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For today’s post, Adestra welcomes email marketing consultant Jordie van Rijn of  We asked Jordie to share on moving ESPs, and based on his years of experience, what he believes to be some points you need to consider.  

Your email service provider plays a big role in achieving success, because you need the right tools for the job.  It is understandable to think about switching if you just feel things could be better. Email marketing is a central piece of the online marketing puzzle. It can drive substantial amounts of revenue and leads. And is the lifeline through which you stay in touch with customers. Read on to discover crucial important points to consider in your selection of a new provider.

Think about the big picture, not just the small pain points

I have guided many companies in their search for an email provider over the years. Tapping from that experience, I found that there are many reasons why you might consider switching, but a switch shouldn’t be overshadowed, based only on your current pain points. Consider these situations:

Your reasons can be different, but they usually include a combination of the above.

With a new provider, you are literally able to hit the reset button and start fresh. A new provider is an opportunity for growth. We like to make a substantial improvement, not just fix things that are currently holding you back. That means you can bring your ambitions along.

We all want to be the in-house rockstar that makes things possible, so this a good moment to find an ESP that you trust, that understands your situation and has your back.

Describe the ideal situation that you would like to be in. Now find the vendor that can help you get there. Of course a hefty dose of realism doesn’t hurt, be very honest and realistic about what you want to achieve. Think about the next 12 – 24 months, and write down your needs and wishes.

What do I need for “next level” email marketing?

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to “next level” email marketing is automation and triggered campaigns, more on those later. But one of the most overlooked features in achieving a next level of maturity and results is accessible and insightful reporting.

So for instance, identifying the hot spots of your email campaign which attracted the most clicks will help you understand more about your performance and customers when you need to.

Heatmap Report on subscribers' beheviour

The Heatmap Report: Adestra’s MessageFocus offers a visual click report to help identify popular areas and content

Streamlining processes

If your team spends precious time working around your current platform rather than with it, that is a shame. Research shows that the speed and ease that you can get these done is actually a major influence in Getting Things Done, even more than your ambitions. A second overlooked “getting to the next level” feature is making it more easy and quick to do split tests.

Implementation and service levels

The most recent report from Forrester shows that after data security (which is a hygiene factor), good account management  is most important for marketers. So go with an ESP that has a proven track record of excellent service.

Importance of vendor offerings

The ease with which you make the transition from one to the next ESP will depend in large part on the new email service provider you will be working with. The experience they have with similar companies as yours is crucial. Talking to their clients will provide insights, but contacting the ESP yourself will also give you an indication of how well they are doing. Which brings me to the next point.

Casually pick their brain

A great ESP won’t mind helping you along, even if it doesn’t mean new business for them right away. They know that a great experience will reflect well and you might consider them in the future or once you are with a new company, you might even tell your new team. So pick their brain and see how helpful they are you might a tip or two in the process.

About Jordie van Rijn

Jordie van Rijn is a well-known email marketing consultant and influencer in the world of MarTec and  eCRM. He founded emailvendorselection and just recently launched a new venture called