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Retailers, I love your emails. I do. But you need to understand that Christmas is one of those seasons where every brand in every sector is sending emails to their subscribers.

It’s also the time where your subscribers are busiest: gifts, groceries, Christmas parties… So, if I don’t read your email as soon as it lands in my inbox, don’t resend it again. Please. Also, let me breathe. Don’t send me an email today and then a different one tomorrow (unless it’s a limited offer). I like to read my emails at my preferred pace and when I find time to do so. That being said, we’ve just arrived at the end of our 12 emails of Christmas series with only 2 days to go until the 25th. What a lovely way to finish your last day at work in 2017! So, sit back, relax and enjoy these two emails from my (pretty crowded) inbox.

Pets Pyjamas

You may not have heard of this brand, but I think their emails are brilliant! The content has been adapted to the brand, so you’ll find ‘Woofmas’ instead of Christmas and ‘Santa Paws’ instead of Santa Claus. They also offer different promo codes depending on the money you want to spend, and make clear the latest day you can make a purchase to get your delivery for Christmas. Design wise it’s Christmassy and relevant, and even though there is a Christmas background, the presents and the hero image of the dog, I don’t feel this combination is excessive.


In contrast to the previous email, this one is less “Happy Christmas” and more “Happy New Year”. That makes a nice difference to what I’ve been receiving in my inbox since November. I love the fun, breathable design, that perfectly follows the brand’s tone. To celebrate the end of the year they look back to what’s happened in their platform in 2017. The best part? They are not trying to sell anything, or not in an obvious way at least.