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It’s 2017! Welcome to the start of a new year where charitable giving is just as vital to the bottom line of a nonprofit as retail purchases are for the shop around the corner.

Everyone has resolutions at the beginning of a new year and during this time, charities hope that some of these might include donors opening their wallets to give to causes that can make real differences in this world.

Saying “thank you” counts

My inbox is full of thank you notes from the people I buy from, both personally and within Adestra. Yes, I know they go out to everyone on the list, and they aren’t just thinking of little old Ryan, but the simple fact that someone said thank you is important.

A thank you should be the one email that sells nothing. You send it just because it’s simple, easy and authentic to say “Thanks for putting up with all of our emails and buying our products.”

For email marketers, a thank you note to your subscribers and customers is critically important. It shouldn’t take long and you can unleash your creativity in many ways.

Here are three easy but memorable ideas:

1. Send a simple postcard-style message expressing your thanks. It won’t take much time; maybe 10 minutes to set up a template. You could send it on their birthday, over the holidays, or just because. Say “Thanks” and send it off.

2. Highlight the people behind your brand with a team selfie. Gather the group together, hoist a smartphone, and snap away. Add the photo to a cleverly designed email and send it to your customers, vendor partners and others that you interact with at a distance.

3. Send a video greeting. I’ve seen some companies take smartphones or video cameras around the department and have everybody issue a personal greeting or thank you. This kind of creativity with your brand archetype can pay other dividends besides a warm glow, too.

After you send the video greeting in email, upload it to YouTube, and watch who clicks on the link and watches it. Those are your advocates and loyalists, the people who really love your brand. Put them in a special segment for a richer stream of messaging.

How “thank you” affects the recipients as well as the senders

Your thank you can do more than just express your appreciation. Think of the impact it will have on the people who receive it.

Many Adestra employees donated to Hope for Life Katanga, a small charity helping a slum settlement in Uganda. To thank us, the organization sent a video showing how it used our contribution. Then it made it even more special by having a group of children say “Thank you, Adestra!”


We didn’t donate the money just for the thanks, but a real, authentic and unexpected greeting in return made everyone tear up.

In the spirit of a new year and new beginnings, do the unexpected for your customers and your employees. Be genuine, authentic and caring. You won’t win the hearts and minds of your customers and subscribers with one simple email, but you could make someone think, “Wow, that’s nice!”

Why Adestra gives back

Adestra has a long history of giving back in many forms. We have a wonderful worldwide base of employees who donate their time, talents and treasure to all kind of worthy events. I often see group emails that report on how much different employee groups raised or otherwise participated in nonprofit charitable events.

Beyond that, Adestra has a fair amount of nonprofit organizations as client partners. We give back to those organizations by recognizing their nonprofit status in our pricing structure. We want them to spend as much of their budget as possible on changing the world.

The company as a whole also donates to nonprofits based on employees’ choices of charities every year. At our core as an organization, we try to help every client partner get a little better every day, but we are also trying to make the world better any way we can.

As for the video from Hope for Life Katanga, that was a clear demonstration to everyone at Adestra about how much a thank you means. It renews our resolve for what we do, why we contribute and why we’re out there trying to change our little world, one step at a time.