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As 2015 draws to a close, we’ve looked at the most popular posts on our blog to see what shaped email marketing this year. Unsurprisingly, Google and Gmail made the headlines, but so did automation programs and some email marketing basics like data cleaning and testing.

The 2015 Email Census showed the number of companies finding success with marketing automation doubled, so it makes sense for marketers to be interested in the type of programs that can help them create more personalised communications. But what other areas were of interest?

1. Connecting Gmail and Google Plus for enhanced inbox presence

After Google launched the Inbox by Gmail app at the end of 2014, disrupting the world of email marketing once again, this post was by far one of the most popular ones. By strengthening the relationship between Gmail and your Google Plus page, you also strengthen your presence in the inbox. The post contains step by step instructions on how to do it, making it easy for you to get started right away!

2. How a timely thank you email can boost your marketing

Interact with your customers when they’re interested, engaged and expecting to hear from you. One of the simplest forms of email automation, a thank you program can bring great results and foster a relationship with your customers. Find out why you should use it, when to send it, what to include, some killer tips to make it stand out and plenty of examples to inspire you.

3. Come back, we’ve been looking everywhere for you – top tips for re-engagement campaigns

Staying in the marketing automation space, this post looks at the advantages of setting up a re-engagement campaign. In order to assess its success, you need to have a clear definition of the right segment of subscribers to target. Find out how to identify them and what makes a successful re-engagement campaign.

4. 4 simple steps to include in your data cleaning process

Just as subscribers might be clearing out their inboxes by unsubscribing or not opening your campaigns at all, email marketers need to learn when it’s time to let go. Many are reluctant to clean their data because they have difficulty in deleting an email address they have worked so hard to obtain. But what they don’t realise is that un-engaged or invalid email addresses are actually costing the company money. Start the new year with a clean database by following the four steps outlined in the post.

5. How will wearable technology contribute to the future of email marketing?

No review of 2015 would be complete without a mention of wearable technology. Not all wearable devices are capable of rendering email, but the data they can collect is nonetheless important to marketers. This can help add layers to consumer behaviour, but you need to be mindful of increasing privacy concerns.

6. Out of sight, out of mind: Microsoft clears out low priority emails from Outlook inboxes with Clutter

For once, it wasn’t just Gmail sending email marketers into a stir, Microsoft had a go at it too! As of the 30th of June, the Clutter feature was activated by default for all Office 365 users, moving low priority email into a special folder. We put together an FAQ addressing the top concerns related to it – including preventing your emails from ending up in the Clutter folder, deliverability and reporting.

7. Is what you see really what you get? Coding email templates for WYSIWYG editors

As marketers fall in love again with email, there is a growing need for What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors to enable those without HTML knowledge to edit their templates. But when it comes to designing for these editors, email designers and developers everywhere shudder at the thought of their hard work being ‘broken’ by someone trying to add another call to action button. This, in turn, causes delays and frustration for marketers. What’s there to do? Our Head of Digital Design, has a few pointers.

8. Want to surprise and delight your customers? Try a half-birthday email

Returning to the topic of marketing automation, email marketers who are willing to experiment can see great returns from their endeavours. Inspired by an email from ASK Italian (a British chain of Italian supermarkets), this post explains how a half-birthday email can help you delight your subscribers by following four simple steps.

9. A/B testing your email design – 10 tips not to overlook

Email marketers don’t test enough. However, 2015 has seen a re-awakening of the desire to experiment and one of the easiest way to do that is by making slight tweaks in your email design. Remember to only test one thing at a time, get started with these 10 tips and you’re all set. Unless you have engagement rates of 100%, there’s always something you can improve!

10. Use pre-headers to boost mobile open rates by giving recipients a sneak peek at your campaigns

With mobile email open rates on the rise and no sign of stopping any time soon, optimising pre-headers is key. Discover how it could complement your subject lines and increase the chance of your emails being opened.

What topics would you like to see discussed in 2016? Share your views and we’ll do our best to address them in upcoming blog posts.