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10 more sleeps to go!

Yes, that’s right – Christmas day is almost here, but that doesn’t mean that Christmassy emails won’t be landing in your inbox any more. Quite the opposite, I’d dare to say. If Gmail had a limit, I’d have reached it just with the Christmas emails I’ve received so far. How many? I have no idea, but too many. So, if I tell you that the following two emails have stood out of my inbox, that can only mean that they are pretty good.

Bimba y Lola:

The Spanish retailer is boosting their email game. Why do I like this email? No, it’s not because I’m Spanish, but because it goes right to the point. The branded GIF perfectly explains what the email is about, and the copy clarifies it: if you want to get your purchase before December 24th, order by 4pm on December 15th. It couldn’t be clearer, and that’s why I like it. My inbox is pretty full at the moment and I’m sure yours is too – your subscribers will be in the same situation and I’m sure they would appreciate an email clarifying whether they’d get their purchases on time!


You’ve probably seen Julep’s Halloween email in a previous post. Why? Well they do really good GIF emails, such as this one. Emails where the copy is Christmassy, and it’s like a Christmas treat from the brand to their subscribers. I like that even though it’s a Christmas email, they’ve just used an understated Christmas-related colour, gold, and not, gold, green and red. Just like their Halloween email, it also goes straight to the point: if the subscriber places an order the day they receive the email, their order will be delivered by December 24th.

If you want more Christmas inspiration or want to know what other brands are doing, don’t miss our last 12 emails of Christmas post next week!