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If you’re anything like me the month of December is the start of it all.

Sure, I’ve sung along to The Pogues at least twice a week and have been buying mince pies from their hiding place next to the apple tarts since July. But it’s not really Christmas until you open that first door on the advent calendar.

But with only a few weeks until the big day itself, marketing for the season is in full swing and my inbox has been filling with all things festive and cheery since early November. This week we have two emails from the inbox which both have wonderfully simple styles but also deliver their own twist on Christmas cheer.

Momiji: Simply Festive

Sometimes less really is more and Momiji certainly hit that nail on the head with this fantastic little campaign. A niche brand of hidden message-carrying figures, they know that their product is collectable and strangely addictive. What better way to expand and nurture your customer base than helping your existing customers buy for their friends? Even though this campaign was sent in November, the festive feel is simple – perfectly treading that line of not being too much for all those who think November is too soon for Christmas emails – but still fun and quirky enough to appeal to their contacts!

Bobbi Brown: Shine Bright Like a Tree Light

In contrast, we have this bright and decorative email from Bobbi Brown. I love the Christmas lights drawing the eye throughout the campaign – shame they don’t actually flash, but it’s still a great technique pulling the contact through to the bottom of the email. And what a way to end with the chance of a little Christmas gift and a nice reward to those contacts that have engaged right to the end!

Overall, but with its bright colors and fantastic recommendations, its sure to light up any inbox it lands in.