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I’ll be honest, I’m a bit of a millennial cliché.

I mean, the facts are all there: I work in marketing, sport a terribly meaningful tattoo, and have occasionally caught myself ordering a limited-edition sour beer at my local microbrewery. To complete the picture (and work off all that smashed avo on toast) I’m also rather fond of running and cycling, and my inbox reflects this accordingly.

This week, I’ll be looking at two holiday emails from two different fitness retailers, each encouraging me to load up on related gifts ahead of the big day.

Wiggle: no-nonsense gift ideas

Whilst best known as a cycle retailer, Wiggle also market to runners, swimmers, and triathletes. Here in the UK they’re a household name for the lycra-clad masochists among us, and their comprehensive online store is most people’s go-to for anything from a new pair of trainers to a replacement bottom bracket (stop giggling at the back, now). Like their website, Wiggle’s latest holiday email is unpretentious, logical, and functional.

The facts are all there and the information is logically compartmentalized, offering present ideas for different ages, hobbies, and genders. The subject line reads “Looking for that special gift?” so this email does exactly what it says on the tin, but a little bit of personalization could have really lifted the whole campaign here: Wiggle know my name and my purchase history, for a start. The body is a touch lengthy, too, although deftly broken up by clear CTAs and generous spacing allowing each product to stand out.

Those who scroll to the very bottom are rewarded by a download link for Wiggle’s free app (although interestingly the pricing is not mentioned here), cementing the email’s overall message that all your sporty prezzies can be sourced under one – virtual – roof.

TRIBE: whey to go

At the hipper end of the spectrum, I received the below from TRIBE – a sports nutrition subscription service and fitness community. Declaring themselves a one-stop-shop à la Wiggle would be inappropriate here (I have quite a large family and they’re not all going to want protein bars for Christmas) so TRIBE have wisely stuck with their own brand of start-up fun.

First up, we have a nice attention-grabbing subject line and pleasing attention to detail; emojis are always a bit of an email client lottery, but give me “Secret Santa” over a “donotreply@” any day…

Addressing the email to “Team TRIBE” and signing it off from the founders is very in-keeping with the brand’s style, although once again some simple personalization would have gone a long way.

I know your names, Tom, Rob, and Guy, so why not take a moment to learn mine?

The real star of this email, however, is the festive collage of TRIBE products interspersed with aspirational snaps worthy of any fitness influencer:

See you next week! In the meantime I’m off to buy a protein shake, grow a ‘tache, and enjoy downing a full bottle of prosecco in a field along with my lithe, tanned friends. #gainz