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This week’s testing tip is a challenge we find our clients face particularly when it comes to welcome communications.

Is it better to have a single campaign or a series of emails welcoming new subscribers and customers?

What to test

  • A single welcome email with all the information new contacts need versus a series
  • A two-part versus a three-part series of welcome campaigns
  • If in a series, what should you communicate in the first email and what in the following campaigns?
  • Do you get better results if you start segmenting your audience starting with the second email?
  • How much time should you leave in between campaigns?
  • At what point is it most effective to introduce an offer to encourage the first or an additional purchase?

PetsPyjamas, for example, decided to expand their welcome from a single campaign to a four-step program. The first email includes an offer and suggestions for the first purchase, followed by a segmented campaign based on whether or not the subscriber has signed up for the PetPoints loyalty scheme. The next email shares details of their travel offers and finally the fourth one is also segmented based on whether they took advantage of the offer in the first email. This new approach has helped PetPyjamas increase their revenue tenfold! This is why testing is so important and can benefit the bottom line too.

Depending on your business, there are many other tests you could do and we’re eager to hear more about them.