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After the success of our chart of the week series, we’re bringing you another bite-sized piece of content.

We’re huge fans of testing and incremental innovation at Adestra, but we know that it’s sometimes easier said than done. Most marketers only perform tests on their subject lines because it’s the easiest part of the campaign to alter, but there is so much more you can do to transform your email marketing results! So, for those of you ready to move past which emoji has the better open rate, this series of testing tips is designed to encourage you to test on a regular basis and introduce variety into your strategy.

Why should you bother testing?

Improved overall results, a deeper understanding of your customer base and better value from the data you hold are just a few of the benefits; you can find out more in our dedicated eGuide.

In this first post, we’re looking at call-to-action (CTA) alternatives. If you’re ready to move past ‘read more’ and ‘click here’, try one of our suggestions or come up with a CTA of your own. The key is to sell the next click: you’re not selling your product or service at this stage (just the next step) so focus on persuading the subscriber to click through.

New CTA copy to try in your next email

  1. Find out how they did it
  2. Watch the video
  3. Discover the full article
  4. Read the reviews
  5. Change your life
  6. Download a free copy
  7. Get instant access
  8. Check out their strategy
  9. Continue reading
  10. Start the search
  11. Discover your tailored recommendations (don’t be afraid of long CTAs; they could stand out)
  12. Find your nearest store
  13. Pick your favourite
  14. View the gallery
  15. Check out the menu
  16. Check out the venue
  17. Browse the agenda
  18. Check availability
  19. Find your size
  20. Book an appointment

Ready to try it? Let us know how your test goes in the comments below.