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The way subscribers react to content is a very individual thing.

By all means read up on case studies and articles and arm yourself with as much industry knowledge as possible – just take it with a pinch of salt and always test your assumptions with your own subscribers rather than theoretical ones.

Some email newsletters, for instance, will open with an introductory paragraph before progressing to a list of main points and linked resources. Others will jump straight in. Neither is right or wrong, for the decision to intro (or not to intro) is entirely contingent on whether the tactic would work for your audience. We recommend testing the following to help you find out which way to go:

What to test

  • Does an intro give you more clicks to the content underneath because recipients have been introduced to the theme of the email?
  • Does a bullet list of all content links and titles at the beginning give you more clicks overall because you increase the area of conversion?
  • Does your open rate increase over time with an intro because your newsletters become more personable?
  • Should you use an elaborate description or go straight to the point with each piece of content?

Ready to try it? Let us know how your test goes in the comments below and check our other suggestions too.