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Last week, we started a brand new series of posts designed to help you implement a different form of testing in your email campaigns each week.

Now that we’ve discovered 20 alternatives to the ubiquitous ‘read more’, it’s time to do more copy testing – this time playing with emotions.

Humans are emotional creatures and most of the time we don’t even realize how much our emotions influence our behavior. For marketers to tap into this powerful mechanism successfully, they need to understand the role that their product or service has in their customers’ life and which emotion it’s most likely to invoke. You can hardly say buying laundry detergent makes you happy, but it provides you with clean clothes which give you confidence (imagine showing up to work in a smelly, stained outfit…).

If you’re Prezi, it might be that your customers feel anxious about presenting and an interactive tool can take some of that anxiety away by drawing attention from the speaker to the presentation.

For your next test, we propose you create the hypothesis that loss aversion will be more powerful than gain. So rather than highlighting the benefits of using your company or your products, focus on highlighting how not being ‘in the know’ can negatively impact someone’s experience.

What to test

  1. Subject line: Don’t miss a round-up of *insert name of awesome event here*.
  2. Image: portray an uncomfortable situation and explain it further in the copy. E.g. a train leaving the platform with ‘Too much time spent in the queue? Buy tickets through the app and never miss another train again.’
  3. Call-to-action: Stop pouring your money down the drain. Switch now.
  4. Text: focus on the loss of feeling of exclusion from a group or a trend, for example, or the loss of time that could be better spent doing something enjoyable by using your product/service instead.

Ready to try it? Let us know how your test goes in the comments below.