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This is ‘Term of the Week’, explaining what you need to know in around 150 words.

A bounce happens when your recipient’s mail server rejects your email and sends it back. But did you know you can have a hard or a soft bounce?

Simply put, a soft bounce means that this situation is temporary (you can get more details in our help docs). Years ago, the major reason for this was that the receiver’s inbox was too full, but this doesn’t happen very often now. Other reasons are:

At Adestra, we protect the reputation of all of our clients. So if MessageFocus detects an email address that bounces three or more times over a period of at least 15 days without any successful delivery, it will transfer it to a suppression list. This blocks the address not only within the account, but for all emails sent across MessageFocus.

Bounce rates are important because they affect email deliverability, as high ones will signal you as a spammer to mail systems. You can check them in the Report tab of MessageFocus.

If you have a term you’d like explaining, simply leave a comment below. Or see other Terms of the Week.