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Ever had an email address you by name? Know your age? Mention a previous purchase?

This is personalisation: using the information you have about a subscriber to encourage them to engage with your email campaign.

Why should you personalise?

Personalising your email means you can create customer-centric emails, this often leads to better engagement and higher conversions. PetsPyjamas for example created a tailored welcome program and saw a 50% increase in open rates and a huge 1000% (yes, one thousand percent) increase in revenue per email.

Even something as simple as a first name in the Subject line has been shown to perform better than campaigns that didn’t.

Marketing Action

Talk to your customer using the information they provide. If you haven’t got the information you think you need, ask for it with an updated preference centre. And at the very least, address them by name – rather than a generic “Dear Customer”.