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Your contacts may be interested in your products but that doesn’t mean that all their interests are identical. List segmentation allows you to divide your subscriber list into smaller, more targeted groups, which should lead to better results from your campaigns.

How important is it really?

Segmentation is often part of a strategy to increase revenue and is vital to marketers because of this. In our 10th Anniversary Industry Census we found that 79% of marketers were using, at least, basic segmentation; whilst more than half (56%) wanted to improve it.

Sleep achieved 119% higher engagement from automating their customer journeys and segmenting those journeys depending on the customer data. The RadioTimes Festival reported a 60% open rate thanks to segmenting their contact list, which meant they could add greater personalisation in their campaigns. This also drove more interest in the content, with almost a fifth of clicks going to a ‘Book your tickets here’ call to action; which shows the potential for additional revenue.

Marketing Action

Use preference centres to discover more about your contact base, whether it’s the frequency with which they want to receive emails or their interests. This will allow you to segment lists based on what your contacts want, whilst ensuring your data is up to date.