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With a new year, we’re reviving our Term of the Week Series. This week, we have deliverability, which is rather self-explanatory: it’s about getting emails to the inbox instead of the spam folder.

How do emails get to an inbox?

An email doesn’t simply go from A to B, there are a number of processes between the launch and the inbox that an email has to go through.

A simple way of describing it is that emails are first put in a queue with other outgoing messages. If there is a high volume of outgoings it can delay your campaign slightly. It then goes through the Domain Name System (DNS) to find the recipients’ IP address and mailbox.

The email will then be put through spam and virus filters, before passing a firewall. This is the crucial stage where your email’s content is examined and if it fails either of these it won’t make the recipient’s inbox.

What affects deliverability?

The three common factors are: