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With Cyber Monday fast approaching, you’re probably wondering what last-minute tweaks you could do to maximize the impact of your campaigns.

To give you a hand, we’ve selected some of the best campaigns from last year and why we think they work well.  

Best for: a short punchy message

Topshop decided to let the offer of ‘Up to 50% off’ speak for itself without using any product imagery or specific deal examples to tempt subscribers back to the website. While Cyber Monday is a popular sale occasion and customers know what to expect, a short message like that can be risky, but worthwhile. Our best advice is to test beforehand with a smaller segment of your audience to see whether a shorter or longer message attracts more clicks and conversions.


Best for: a humorous approach

Rather than including a selection of its products or prices in the email, Loft used humor around the term ‘Cyber Monday’. It embedded an animated GIF showing an old desktop computer with the recurring message ‘This is no time for self-ctrl’. Loft also deliberately alluded to the technology theme by spelling control as ‘ctrl’ and using ‘command-shop’ in the call-to-action.


 Best for: the undecided customer

H&M had a great example of recreating the catalog feel in an email with inspiring images. By presenting a range of styles and occasions targeted at women (as a selected preference during the registration process) plus a selection of homeware, it should help the undecided customer click-through to the website.

A definite advantage is the use of standalone text, rather than overlaying it on top of an image, as it supports the message when images are turned off. We have a great post outlining why and how you should do this. However, the retailer could have applied the same logic to the header image, as that is the only mention of the Cyber Monday offer.




Are you using a short punchy message or a catalog design for your Cyber Monday campaigns? Have you thought of using dynamic content or humor to enhance your message?