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Brand architects, data specialists, digital pioneers and marketing strategy consultants – all these terms describe agency marketers and the different roles they own as part of providing marketing services to their clients.

Regardless of which one you identify with, you probably know that agencies are more agile when it comes to adopting email innovation and achieving success with it because they are exposed to a wider variety of challenges, needs, budgets and solutions through their clients.

To discover what strategies and tech innovations they are achieving success with at the moment, we asked six email experts from the agency environment to share their insight in our new eGuide.

Moving beyond first names

The email industry has long championed personalization as a necessary tool in an email marketer’s kit beyond the ‘Dear First Name’ tactic. And our experts agreed. Matthew Slaymaker made an important suggestion:

“It’s important for the future of email that we apply not just things like first names, but use data to inform tone of voice, maybe look and feel as well.”

In fact, agencies are proud to have adopted personalization as part of their general marketing strategy and they can deliver it throughout the funnel at scale, according to the 2016 Email Industry Census.

Let the context drive the content

Dynamic content is not something new but its use is still sparse compared to the total volume of email sent on a regular basis. Of course, using it just for the sake of it won’t bring the desired uplift in results but what do agency marketers do that is different? They use it in conjunction with other email strategies and evaluate their customers’ path to conversion to see where it will have the biggest impact.

“Dynamic content is really one of those underused aspects of email at the moment. Instead of sending seven different versions of an email, you can just send one and show subscribers the right content for them”, says Sadie Wise.

Using automation to follow the customer journey

Automation can be extremely useful not only in matching the correct customer lifecycle stage with the correct message in the email environment, but also across channels and devices using multi-channel triggers. This is where the data specialization and management becomes crucial to be able to correctly deliver relevant messages at scale.

“If we understand from the data that recipients respond best to receiving a series of emails that progressively add more and more value, rather than one great big newsletter at the end of the month, than that’s a principle that we can apply to our other clients as well. Understanding data better is an approach that we’re going through at the moment”, remarks Ross Carroll.

While these strategies are not necessarily new to in-house marketers, agency marketers have found the sweet spot in how they can help their clients achieve more with technology. They have a bigger testing ground, more results to learn from and so it’s easier to be more advanced in their use when you know which direction to take.

Personalization, dynamic content and advanced automation are just some of the ways in which agency marketers achieve success with email. Find out more about the value of email as a channel, approaches to email design and views on the future by downloading a free copy of the eGuide.

How agencies push innovation with email