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We recently published the 2014 Email Marketing Industry Census – Key Sector Report which looks at results in four sectors:

We decided to share what we learned about each sector and the areas they could improve in. One important area of consideration is balancing the time spent on different email activities. It transpired that the 13% of Charities/Government and Non-Profit sector  spend no time on strategy and planning, and 36% of them spend no time on optimization either. On the other hand, 21% of Technology and Telecoms companies spend over 8 hours each for each campaign on design and content.

Hours spent on email

Hours spent on email-related activities

Another interesting observation is that Technology and Telecoms companies seem to use the most services offered by their email technology provider. Despite that, only one-third of them rate themselves as good. On the flip side, Retail and Charities use the least. Overall, retailers claim to use only 40% of their ESP’s capability, yet 83% of them rate email’s ROI as excellent or good.

other services from ESP

Services used from own email technology provider alongside email

And some industry-specific stats we picked out:

Retail – Top user of these behavioral triggers for sending email:

Publishing and Media – Top user of these email practices:

Technology and Telecoms – Top user of these behavioral triggers for sending email:

Charity/Government & Non-Profit – Biggest barriers to effective email marketing:

Download the a free copy of the report to find out more, including these sectors’ use of mobile, automation, ESP services and relationship, and their views of the future of email marketing.