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This week, we’re encouraging you to challenge best practice.

Just because it works for many others, it doesn’t mean your audience is exactly the same. What’s the only way to find out? You’ve guessed it: testing!

Should you include the price of your product or service in your email? Regardless of how long your product cycle is, this is a question that troubles many marketers. Best practice suggests you should leave it out because that could make people click through to find out. However, that could result in a significant drop-out rate too.

What to test

Create three variations of your email in which you:

  1. Exclude prices
  2. Group products into price categories (under £25 or as an interval £3,000-£5,000)
  3. Show the price of each item

Celtic & Co had a similar test as part of their ongoing plan and it resulted in an 84% increase in the click-to-sale rate. It seems their customers preferred more information before click-through.

Ready to try it? Let us know how your test goes in the comments below and check our other suggestions too.