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Make your events marketing work harder by using these tried and tested tactics.

Go beyond best practice tips to increase the effectiveness of your event marketing. The following four tricks will teach you how to improve your email subject lines, use location targeting to your advantage, tease your email subscribers, and engage them to enhance your chances of success.

The words that make or break your subject line

2013 Subject Line Report

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Probably the most cited email marketing best practice tips revolve around subject lines. But what works for others might not necessarily ring true for events marketing. Luckily, Adestra is here to help. Our 2013 Subject Line Report included research specifically into B2B and B2C email marketing.

For B2B events, this is how some example words impacted open rates:

And here’s some examples for B2C events:

Targeted offers using Geo TrackingGeo Tracking

Location is crucial for an event, so why not give it more importance in your marketing? You could target subscribers in the same area or county as the event with last minute offers to give ticket sales one last push. Or see what UBM did for May Design Series – they included train and flight prices to the event and achieved great results.

To help with location targeting, MessageFocus has a feature called Geo Tracking which shows you where your subscribers are opening your emails. You can then use it to specify the area you want to target, and it will filter all the contacts from the location.

Tease the audience to generate interest

How does Apple get so much attention around its events? They tease their community with snippets of information, which starts a whirlwind of gossip around them. So why not apply that to your event marketing? Find the element that will make your subscribers really excited – it could be a great speaker, a particular theme, or the launch of a new product. And use it as a leverage to peak their interest.

Media10 StarTrek LondonMedia 10 used this strategy for Destination Star Trek London. They offered people the chance to be on the ‘Starfleet’ list to get updates on tickets and the event, using this to collect email addresses. They coupled this with a great email campaign, which achieved a whopping 76% open rate and 56% click-to-open rate!

Or use the human innate curiosity and fear or missing out with a tool like Scratch It. You can use it to suggest an early bird discount, if the receiver of the email engages to ‘scratch’ the image, and reveal the exact offer and code.

More senses = more engagement

Great copy can only do so much to promote your event. Sometimes you’d need a thousand words and pictures to promote how great your event is. Why not use video instead? It will stand out in the inbox and convey more in a short amount of time. Show them what the previous event was like, attendee testimonials, or put together a new video to promote the current event – it’s up to you!

Adestra partners with LiveClicker which enables you to embed the video in the email to play it there and then. This is replaced by an animated GIF or static image, for email clients that don’t support video.

Key points for event marketing:

If you’d like to know more about event marketing and how email can help, join me at the next Adestra webinar on the 27th of August. Register for your spot now!