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These days everyone is sharing! From teenagers retweeting Harry Styles’ latest invaluable gem of information, to adults sharing recipes from their favourite cook – everyone is doing it! So why not harness this to maximise the results of your email marketing?

Social Media

The use of social media as an integrated marketing resource with email is on the up, with Econsultancy ranking it as the 8th most important area clients need to focus on in 2013. Social media can be used to pull people from your emails onto your social media pages; to encourage email recipients to share the message of your email with friends, families and colleagues; and to drive data acquisition via social media. Take a few minutes to reassess your social media marketing in emails and you will reap the rewards!

Integrate social media and email

Select the social media channels you want to drive through email by focussing on which your recipients will interact best with. For a professional audience push Twitter and Linkedin; for consumers push Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Once you have decided this, use the MessageFocus split testing functionality to test where to best place these icons within your campaign to maximise shares. Test the icons at the top, bottom and on individual stories within your email as well. If you are looking for shares on individual stories then consider using one or two social media icons, and for the whole email offer a wider range.

Share report

If people still aren’t sharing? Consider offering them an incentive. Celtic Manor offered free entry into a prize draw in return for a share and saw great results from this. Everyone knows there is no such thing as a free lunch, but a share isn’t a lot to give in return for one!

Read the full Celtic Manor Case Study

Drive your data acquisition via social media

Why not also use your social media channels to organically grow your mailing lists? Anyone who is receiving your emails will be engaged and interested in your brand. They will also be using these sites to connect to like-minded individuals, such as friends and colleagues, who may also be interested in your brand as well. So take advantage of this and get people signing up for your emails! Try announcing content of upcoming emails and also of emails that have just gone out, to entice people to sign up. Make sure sign up forms are always prominent on social media sites, and encourage people to share links to these forms. This is a great way to grow your data so why not try it today?

For more information on this check out our Product Documentation.

If you would like to learn more about developing a social share strategy in line with your email marketing, contact your Adestra account manager today.