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Welcome to Part 2 of my secrets that will help you increase those important campaign click through rates.  In my previous blog we discussed branding and how important that can be in engaging and relating with your customer to ensure they instantly recognise your email and associate it with you.

I tempted you with the promises of cake in the last blog and although my baking skills aren’t terrible, it is indeed a metaphorical one to help illustrate the secret I’m going to discuss!

Give them just a slice of cake”¦

The second secret to increasing those click through rates is to actually give your recipients a reason to click through from your email almost immediately. I’m sure most email marketers believe they’re already doing this, but think carefully as to just how you are encouraging these click throughs – are you maximising the opportunity?

To give a quick analogy”¦ If you give someone a whole cake, they’ll thank you for it and take it away with them, but give them just a slice and they’ll always come back for more!

“What?!” I hear you cry! I simply mean that you shouldn’t give everything away in the emails you send as no one will want to click through. They’ll think they’ve got all the information they need from the email, delete it and continue on their way. On the flip side though, don’t be boring or make the email look empty or people are likely to delete it immediately!

If you are sending a newsletter then try testing a campaign using striking headlines with “˜Read more’ links rather than preview extracts from the article. The BBC News website does this brilliantly by using a “˜Most Popular’ feature with the top ten article headlines – this always grabs my attention and makes me want click to read more.

Perhaps as a retailer, if you’re going to offer a discount, don’t offer the discount code in the email straight away. Why not try getting customers to click through to see the code so there is a higher chance of the user browsing your site and buying something immediately? A link that reads “Click to discover how you could save 20% on festive decorations” would be more encouraging to clicks than a sentence reading “20% off festive decorations: use code DISC20 at checkout”.

Don’t forget to test

As we all know, it’s about experimentation and testing to see what works best for your business. You can easily test multiple variants of your email using our Split Testing feature and send these to a proportion of your list to see what effect it has on the open and click rates of your campaigns. It can even be automated to send the most successful variant to the remaining proportion of your list after a set amount of time.

I hope that the last couple of blogs and their secrets have helped you to think about the wider picture of branding and incentives to click within your emails.  It’s important to realise how these can help to increase and improve the consistency of open and click through rates of your future campaigns.  Remember, if all else fails, just think about what you do with your own personal emails – why do you click? why do you read? do you instantly recognise it?  does the design change or just get ‘uplifted’ every now and again?

If you ever require advice on your campaigns and how they could be improved, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager who will be more than happy to work with you to build the foundations required to achieve better results.

Until the next time…