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While social media, augmented reality and other ‘spangly’ marketing tech have been grabbing headlines, only the unwise would ignore the enduring power of email marketing.

The latest data shows that email is still in its ascendance:

1,670,000 emails sent a second
compared to
3,935 tweets
46,333 YouTube views
52,083 Facebook likes

95% of brands use email for their CRM/content delivery because it has proven to be so effective.

Email marketing is going mobile

More and more people are viewing emails on their mobiles. In the second half of 2012, the number of emails opened on a mobile device (smartphone/tablet) rose . . .

41% in second half of 2012
up from
27% in 2011
13% in 2010

And according to KISSmetrics, email has nearly three times as many user accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined: 2.9 billion. But that’s still not how many businesses see it.

Social media vs. email: a naïve, simplistic view

There is a strong misconception that these two are sworn enemies, but this isn’t valid. Instead they should work hand-in-hand as part of your campaign via the power of Custom Audiences.

What are Custom Audiences?

Custom Audiences is a powerful new Facebook tool for targeting lists of people with your marketing.

The potential for targeted messaging for each and every potential customer is astonishing.

How do Custom Audiences work?

Any email address can be turned into a ‘hash’ – a unique 32-character string that makes up the user’s email address.

This hash can be tracked across all platforms and services because it is the same everywhere.

Facebook’s tool allows you to upload all your customers’ hashes into its social media service. It hunts for these in its own ‘hash’ database of users’ email logins. It continually monitors which of your customers are using Facebook at any one time and, once located, you are able to bid for the customer and put your ad in front of them there and then.

Facebook has changed the future

This approach is being rolled out across Twitter and other social platforms too, creating a joined-up system where email and social media work together to boost your campaigns.

By 2015 your campaigns will have changed forever. You will:

• Start a campaign.
• Premarket Custom Audiences through Facebook and other social channels to raise awareness.
• Send out emails to drive response.
• Use further social ads.
• Re-market to your Custom Audience with more targeted, specific emails.

For more information on how email marketing stacks up against the competition, download our free eGuide: ‘Email vs social media vs website marketing – which gives the best ROI? Fight!