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The beginning of the year is generally a time for reflection and goal-setting.

As you analyse the performance of your email campaigns from last year, it’s good to benchmark your results and strategies against others in your sector, and draw inspiration from fellow marketers in other sectors.

We’re very proud of what our clients have achieved this year, so we’re kicking off this series of blog posts with the retail industry.

First steps with data segmentation with Russell Hobbs

Trying something new for the first time can be daunting, but if you get the message right, it can have a great impact on your future strategies. Russell Hobbs ran a campaign which would allow it to segment its database in three categories so it can send tailored emails going forward.

Testing taught Celtic & Co. best practice isn’t always the best

Your email results might be satisfactory now, but if you’re looking to improve, testing is the only way forward because it shows what YOUR audience responds to. Celtic & Co improved results on all levels by testing the time of day, price messaging, type of offer and type of content, showing that best practice doesn’t always apply.

The power of a post-purchase strategy and unique voucher codes for Evans Cycles

A simple ‘thank you for your order’ email is part of building a relationship with your customers. Add a promo code and you have a strong incentive for the new customers to purchase again. And when that promo code is unique to each customer, it makes it a lot easier to track their behaviour and lifetime value.

From new subscriber to new client and a 21 percent click-to-sale rate with Frugi

Frugi is extremely passionate about its products and brand, and it wanted to inspire the same emotions in its new subscribers. With tailored messaging, precise timing and a good use of incentives, its welcome and nurture program had fantastic engagement and conversion rates alike.

How SheerLuxe sold-out a limited edition product in under three hours

Based on a previously successful campaign, SheerLuxe decided to reintroduce the offer to its audience for the summer of 2016. As it has a highly engaged email audience, making the announcement using email was an obvious choice. And a good one too, with 600 boxes selling out in less than three hours!

Serious Sport get a £55 average order value from personalised product recommendations

When your company’s ethos is all about personalisation, your product recommendations email can’t be generic. With an average open rate of 56 percent and a £55 average order value, this strategy from Serious Sport is definitely one to steal.

Re-engaging 1054 inactive subscribers with Crabtree & Evelyn

If you’re looking for a great example of how to give inactive contacts one last nudge before saying goodbye, Crabtree & Evelyn is your company. This campaign ticks all the content advice boxes and it has been very successful too!

Advanced personalisation in email for Meteor customers

When customers haven’t purchased from you in over a year, you need to do something drastic to impress them and help them see the value you offer. Toinfinity put together a hyper-personalised campaign for Meteor with 9 points of personalisation.

‘Life’s too short to drink a wine that’s not for you’ says NakedWines

…and with a personalised wine recommendations email, the company increased contributions per customer by 8.5 percent. It seems that the offer of ‘three wines that you’re 95 percent guaranteed to love’ was too good to resist.

Want to go beyond Retail? Stay tuned for upcoming posts on travel, events and publishing, and don’t forget to vote for your favourite to become Campaign of the Year.