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Make the most of your ESP investment by learning how to unlock the true potential of your email reports.

Real Life Wins

Your ESP offers a host of functions to help boost your email marketing success rates. From  monitoring which times are best for sending out emails through to hardwiring your email reports directly into your CRM system, a fully-featured ESP system makes for a formidable ally in your quest for customer engagement and sales.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg – you could be using your email reports in ever more innovative ways.

1. The desk avoiders

It’s difficult for salespeople to get hold of prospects who aren’t always at their desks – such as farmers, tradespeople, doctors, etc.

Smart sales teams are using email reports to make sure they are automatically…

… sent an email as soon as someone signs a registration form.

… notified when there is an email click-through.

The result? The sales team can respond immediately either via email or phone, knowing that the prospect is at their desk at that moment. This increases the chance of engaging with them early on in their journey and reduces the chance of the prospect’s interest waning.

For those who don’t need such immediate feedback but want to be kept regularly informed, using an ESP’s daily report functionality is a popular solution. The previous day’s email activity is sent out to sales teams, who can begin chasing highly engaged prospects.

2. The fans

Engaging with a prospect is the number one priority for any sales team, and simply getting a successful click-through to your content is something to celebrate. But at the other end of the scale are your “fans”. Use your email reporting system to…

… automatically send you an alert when a particular lead or prospect is consistently opening your newsletters.

This kind of notification is perfect for locating people who are highly engaged with your brand and might actively welcome a call from your sales team.

Use Export Manager features to monitor what email frequencies generate the most engagement results. You might find that sending more can mean better open/click/conversion rates. Which in turn could lead to generating more fans who welcome your content.

3. Location, location, location

Exploit Geo Tracking to source the IP addresses of engaged prospects; these will reveal the actual locations of where people are opening your emails via a Google Map-style interface. This is useful for…

… retail clients who may want to send store-specific information (such as special offers) about a specific region or city. By using Geo Tracking, they can identify who is in the catchment area and send out tailored content about the offer.

… businesses such as event management companies. While an event is running, an email can be sent out to all potential visitors within that area, reminding them that the event is underway.

Use heat mapping to analyze the optimum “geography” of your email layouts. It reveals which links and areas of your email template have proven most popular with those who have viewed your email.

Remember, email reports can:

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